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Detox RR – Kit

Restricted to Salon Professionals

Kit includes:

STEP 1 – Detoxifying Shampoo (Capillary Peeling) 1L – Promotes deep cleansing, removes all residues and impurities due to use of chemical products and/or aging effects. Its neutral pH prevents hair dryness and porosity because its ionic structure dilates hair cuticles without damaging the hair strands. It also prepares it for restructuring, moisturizing and realigning treatments.

* Cleans and prepares the scalp and capillary fiber

STEP 2 – Restructuring formula 500ml – Acts on all layers of hair strands. Its nano-actives penetrate through the smallest fissures, replacing and restructuring the strands of hair from the inside out. It promotes amino acid, protein and vitamin restoration lost by the use of straightening, discoloration or chemicals in general. It restructures the side bonds giving strength and vitality to hair strands

* Side bonds restructure and restore regenerative ingredients

STEP 3 – Deep Moisturizing Mousse 500ml – Immediate reestablishment of lipids, proteins and glycines which act on all hydric layers of the hair strand. Replacing immediately, the entire hydric structure of the fiber, it provides deep hydration. Its composition is rich in polyphenols and polysaccharides allowing for higher water retention, protecting against oxidation (anti-aging capillary) and maintaining the integrity of the capillary structure for longer time.

* Deep moisturizing restores and restructures lipid walls.

STEP 4 – Tannic Acid Complex 300ml – Acts by forming a new protein chain along the cortex intercellular cement, that when activated by a heated flat iron gives the desired hair shape. Its action mechanism does not seal or weaken the fiber, but allows further absorption of nutrients and hydration thus maintaining the hair’s vitality, strength and natural glos

* Provides capillary realignment with tannic Acid ( taninoplasty)

STEP 5 – Serum Cationic Restructuring 120ml – Creates a biological protective film, preventing nutrient, vitamin and moisture loss restored by the detoxification capillary process. Its action provides greater cohesion and discipline to the hair. It is recommended for reduction of hair strand static electricity. It can be used as a thermal protector and capillary finisher.

* Provides long lasting results

Benefits of a DETOX treatment: 

  • -Completely removes impurity build up
  • -Restores substantial elements like keratin and its derivatives
  • -Completely reconditions damaged hair


  • -Immediate repair, healthy, shinny and renewed hair. Recommended for damaged and /or chemically treated hair.

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