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Welcome to the Tratto Beauty Supplies Inc points & rewards program , where all your purchases from our website help you to earn points that o towards such as CLASSES, Salon accessories, professional tools, reimbursements and more ! ( FOR PROFESSIONALS ONLY )

OR, you can exchange your points for products or discounts ( RETAIL ONLY )

With every purchase of any of product brand  , that Tratto Beauty Supplies Inc resell , you will be building toward your point balance to grow your business faster .

With our unique program, you get rewards that help you learn and reach your hair goals , even if you are hairstylist or regular customers.

New members ( sign-up ) will receive 2000 points as a welcome gift , and as a new member you will receive our exclusive newsletter ( we do not spam people, you will receive only newsletter that is important such as new promos or classes available) .*

Also, you will get 1000 extra points for writing a review at our website for each product you leave a review.

Plus, 500 points if you sign in for  a newsletter.*

*newsletters for professionals and for regular  retails buyers  are different *

As a PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNT, you also will have your name to our salon locator , and have clients referred to your salon based on your location , this is a way to make sure our clients are going to salons where they use only and EXCLUSIVELLY original products .

You will receive a THANK YOU PACKAGE , after your first purchase of our professional SALVATORE COSMETICS products.( for professionals accounts only )



Once you open your account with us , every purchase you made accrues points; the amount of points earned per dollar spent is based on your currency. (CAD or US)

Points remain in your account until you use it , it means will never expires unless we cease the program.

Points can be redeemed at any time for products that enhance your clients experience , or for classes and events , so you or your team can network and learn new skills ( PROFESSIONALS ONLY) .


CLASSES OR EVENTS – you can redeem for classes and events from our sales reps.  If you are short on points for a class or event, don’t worry, we can use your points to contribute part of it and pay the difference (professionals only)

MERCHANDISING – Redeem your points for MERCHANDISING items to better your business, such as  apron, capes, bowls, brushes etc ( professionals only)

PRODUCTS – Shop and redeem your points for your favorite products  or to try a new product.

Under each product you see on our website , you will be able to see how much points you earn when purchasing it , for merchandising follow the table below.


Apron – 4000 points

Capes – 5000 points

Bowl – 1000 points

Tint brushes – 500 points

Combs – 500 points

Classes – 10.000 points

For products  each 100 points = $ 1.00


From time to time we offer double points , keep tuned to our social media and newsletter to enjoy and get more points faster .



Taninoplastia: Formaldehyde, Carbocisteine, and Glyoxylic Acid Free

At Tratto Beauty Supply Inc, your safety and well-being are our top priorities. We are proud to offer the Original Taninoplastia, a revolutionary hair treatment that is free of formaldehyde, carbocysteine, and glioxilic acid. Our commitment to delivering high-quality, safe products underscores our dedication to empowering beauty professionals and clients alike.

Formaldehyde, a common ingredient found in some traditional hair treatments, has been associated with potential health risks. As part of our rigorous quality control process, we have ensured that the Original Taninoplastia is entirely free from this harmful chemical. By eliminating formaldehyde, we strive to provide a safer alternative for beauty professionals and clients seeking a remarkable hair transformation.

Moreover, we are equally committed to cruelty-free practices and animal welfare. The Original Taninoplastia is a product of compassion and  ethics, as it is not tested on animals. Tratto Beauty Supply Inc takes a stand against animal testing, ensuring that our products are cruelty-free, empowering beauty professionals to deliver exceptional results with a clear conscience.

Side Effects of Formaldehyde: Formaldehyde has been linked to several adverse effects, particularly when used in hair treatments. Prolonged exposure to formaldehyde can result in eye , nose, and throat irritation. In some cases, it may cause skin sensitization, leading to redness, itching, or rash. Moreover, inhaling formaldehyde fumes may trigger respiratory issues, including difficulty breathing and asthma-like symptoms.

By choosing the Original Taninoplastia, you can rest assured that you are opting for a hair treatment that is free of formaldehyde, carbocysteine, and glioxilic acid. Our dedication to safety and innovation ensures that beauty professionals can confidently provide their clients with exceptional results while promoting a safer, healthier salon experience.

Tratto Beauty Supply Inc remains committed to continually enhancing our product offerings, staying at the forefront of safety, and delivering premium solutions that elevate the beauty industry. Join us in embracing the transformative power of the Original Taninoplastia, and experience a world of beauty without compromise.

Your Safety, Our Priority.