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Tratto Beauty Supplies Inc. and Salvatore Professional Cosmetics are proud to announce that the best salons in Canada are already offering the original and unique TANINOPLASTIA hair Treatment . Free of preservatives , no fumes or smell. Safe for the professionals and their clients . TANINOPLASTIA – Original is from SALVATORE COSMETICS – product straight from Brazil!

Want to become a licensed salon?

Owners of beauty salons and Spas can now have Tratto Beauty professional products in their portfolio. We supply our partners with high quality, safe and natural hair care products worldwide.

Having our hair care products is easy:

1. Become a licensed salon
2. Select the products you want from our product list
3. Receive a personalized training
4. Set your own price and start selling!

Please feel free to click on the register button and fill out the form to become a licensed salon. We will contact you shortly. Provide as much information as possible.


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