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Bioplants Kit

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Bioplants shampoo has plant extracts and physiological pH, activate the transport of oxygen to hair follicles, stimulate the metabolism and regenerate tissues. Recommended for intensive treatments of mixed and oily hair, balancing scalp’s oiliness without harming the hair.

Bioplants reconstructive mask has plant extracts and physiological pH that balances oiliness, deeply hydrating and repairing the
hair without drying it, from roots to the ends. Recommended for mixed and oily hair treatment.



  • -Balance for oily and combination hair type
  • -Scalp antioxidant
  • -Features 14 natural extracts with capillary anti-aging action
  • -Moisturizes and protects hair strands leaving hair shiny and silky
  • -Recommend for pregnant woman, breast-feeding mothers,post surgery and chemotherapy


  • -Reconstruction and deep hydration for oily hair
  • -Oil,dandruff amd seborrhea control and treatment
  • -An anti hair loss treatment
  • -An asymptomatic psoriasis treatment
  • -Assists in baldness and canicie (grey hair) treatment

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