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HEALTHY SCALP Shampoo 300 ML + Hair Mask 250 ML – TANINO THERAPY line




The Scalp line has a compound of actives, plant extracts and natural vitamins such as: Ginkgo Biloba / Rosemary / Fennel / Witch Hazel / Bamboo / Guarana / Jaborandi / Aloe Vera/ Arnica and Red Quinoa, that together promote the vasodilation of capillaries bulbs, cellular renewal of the dermis that promote a healthy scalp, stimulating new hair growth.

The compound provides energy substrate providing activation of cells, acting to control excessive oiliness, dandruff, seborrhea and treating wounds caused by sebaceous over-production or scalp allergies.

The Vitamins E [Natural Antioxidant], Vitamin C [Cellular Regenerator], Vitamin B3 [Niacinamide – Cellular Metabolism], Vitamin B5 [Calcium Pantothenate], Vitamin B6 [Pyridoxine – metabolism of amino acids] promote cellular regeneration of the dermis, moreover, it has among its main extracts the menthol, responsible for vasodilation, cooling effect and relief of itching from the asymptomatic of the scalp.

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