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Salvatore Blue Gold PREMIUM Kit


Kit includes:

Salvatore Blue Gold PREMIUM Anti Residue Shampoo 1L

Salvatore Blue Gold anti-residue shampoo has been developed especially to promote a deep cleaning throughout the hair, opening its cuticles carefully and removing all chemicals residue and environmental impurity buildups without damage or loss of hair mass. Blue Gold anti-residue shampoo was created to be exclusively used for hair restoration.

Salvatore Blue Gold PREMIUM Conditioner Cream 1L

Salvatore Blue Gold Taninoplasty acts forming a new protein chain along the intercellular cement of the hair cortex which, when activated by high temperature of the hot flat iron, provides the desired hairstyle. A natural product, free of chemical preservatives, this nanotechnology system straights, restores and deeply moistures the hair. The result is an easy application, straighten, restored and moisturized hair.


  • -Straightens up to 100% of the hair in a uniform and natural manner
  • -Does not produce health risks to the client or professional
  • -Compatible with all compositions, including blond hair
  • -Comfort during application, no burning sensation in the eyes and airways
  • -Natural product and dermatologically tested
  • -Compatible with all hair types
  • -Patented technology without chemical preservatives


  • -Natural straightening ( taninoplasty®)
  • -Volume reduction and curl definition
  • -Long lasting straightening
  • -Completion of hair relaxation
  • -S.O.S. for emergencies to stop hair breakage
Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 30 x 20 x 20 cm

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