Restricted to Salon Professionals

This set of A + B 100ml is exactly the amount you hairdresser need if you don’t have much inqueries for this type of treatment . Enough for 1 or 2 hair depending on hair integrity and lenght .

A – cuticle prepper – The anionic fiber cleansing with moderate alkalinity. Tensoative annionic charges prepare the hair for the cationic charges. Deep-Cleanses without tensing or being harsh on hair.

its interation with the B product is balanced , their surfactants complement each other and boost one another. A must -have for specific treatments

B- Cappilary styling – The Cationic treatment B contains a large concentration of MULTITANNINS that enhance the straightening and alignment of the cuticles. It creates a chain of proteins in the fibers, providing strength and resilience due to adhesion of its agents to the cuticle layer