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Elevate your salon’s offerings and delight your clientele with our exclusive professional duo: A – CUTICLE PREPPER Anti-Residue Shampoo and B – CAPILLARY STYLING Smoothing Treatment. This synergistic pair is not just about hair care; it’s a transformative experience designed to set your services apart.

A – CUTICLE PREPPER – Anti-Residue Shampoo (1 Liter / 32oz): Introducing A – CUTICLE PREPPER, a revolutionary shampoo crafted specifically for professionals like you. This anti-residue formula with anionic fiber cleansing and moderate alkalinity is engineered to prime hair for transformative treatments. With tensoactive anionic charges, it prepares hair for optimal reception of cationic treatments, deep-cleansing without harshness, and ensuring each strand remains supple and responsive. The perfect prelude to specialized treatments, its synergy with our B product enhances and amplifies the results, delivering a premium foundation for exceptional hair care services.

B – CAPILLARY STYLING – Smoothing Treatment Conditioner (1 Liter): Elevate your smoothing services with B – CAPILLARY STYLING, a conditioner that goes beyond mere surface treatment. Rich in MULTITANNINS, this cationic formula straightens and aligns cuticles, creating a seamless canvas for styling. It doesn’t just align; it strengthens, building a chain of proteins within the fibers for unparalleled strength and resilience. The adhesion of its active agents to the cuticle layer ensures lasting results, offering your clients not just a treatment, but a transformation.

Designed exclusively for professional use, A – CUTICLE PREPPER and B – CAPILLARY STYLING are your keys to unlocking unmatched hair beauty and health. Their integrated action not only boosts each other’s efficacy but also elevates your salon’s reputation, offering your clients results that speak for themselves. Make these essential additions to your salon toolkit and witness the transformation in your clients’ hair—and in your salon’s demand. Join us in redefining hair care excellence, offering services that are not just seen but remembered.


A - CUTICLE PREPPER - shampoo anti residue 1 liter ( 32oz)

The anionic fiber cleansing with moderate alkalinity. Tensoative annionic charges prepare the hair for the cationic charges. Deep-Cleanses without tensing or being harsh on hair.

its interation with the B product is balanced , their surfactants complement each other and boost one another. A must -have for specific treatments

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B - CAPILLARY STYLING - 1 liter - Conditioner smoothing treatment Taninoplasty

The Cationic treatment B contains a large concentration of MULTITANNINS that enhance the straightening and alignment of the cuticles. It creates a chain of proteins in the fibers, providing strength and resilience due to adhesion of its agents to the cuticle layer

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