Natural Braziliss (Taninoplasty) is now Blue Gold Premium (Taninoplasty).

The Unique 5 x 1 Treatment – the same product that straightens hair also defines curls.


Application : 5 in 1

  • • Natural Straightening (Taninoplasty)
  • • Volume reduction and curl definition
  • • Long lasting straightening
  • • Hair Relaxation Follow-through
  • • Emergency S.O.S “Stop Hair Breakage”


  • • Straightens up to 100% of hair in a uniform and natural way.
  • • Doesn’t produce a health risk to clients and professionals.
  • • Compatible with other chemicals, including blonde hairs
  • • Comfortable application without irritating the eyes and respiratory tract
  • • Natural product dermatalogically tested.
  • • Compatible with all hair types
  • • Patented technology without chemical preservatives
  • • Durability of straightening up to (2) two to (6) six months

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Dry, coarse hair is due to lack of natural moisture and damage to the cuticle of the hair.Damage caused by harsh chemical treatments and the constant use of hot dryers and curling irons strips the hair of sebum and ceramides , making hair dry , dull , coarse and fragile

Next step: keep your hair beautiful for more time! We have a maintenance line for professionals and consumers.


“ I was little worried at the beginning as I have never used any relaxer on my hair and I wanted it straight. However I didn’t want anything that could damage it. After finding Natural Braziliss I decided to do the treatment. WOW! The result was amazing! My hair that is afro turned into a smooth , frizz-free and radiant hair!”




Brittle hair can be huge frustration: No matter how much you want to grow it out , it just keeps breaking. That breakage can be caused by dryness, chemical processing or prolonged mistreatment of your once-lovely locks.

Next  Step: Try our conditioning and moisturizing lines! We have maintenance products specifically designed for you.



“ My hair was so damaged due to much chemicals I had done before . I had  lot of split ends and breakager. After I did the treatment with Natural Braziliss it is now an amazing blonde highlighted hair, with no frizz and extremely silky. After the first wash I couldn’t believe how straight and healthy my hair was.”





Perms , relaxing and coloring all use chemicals to alter the composition of your hair. Unfortunately , all can leave  your hair stripped of natural moiusture and shine and prone to damage. Using products specifically made for processed hair can help bring back shine and strength for healthier looking.

Next Step : Keep a lasting result . Use our Maintenance products.


“ I dye my hair often and knew about Natural Braziliss from a friend but I was afraid of having my colour faded. I had also long damaged hair due to flat ironing everyday in the morning. Now my hair is shinny , healthy , silky, manageable and natural straight. I feel more confident in my social life now. It is so grateful when someone tells you how beautiful your hair is.”

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